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Australia’s Best in Wedding Signs

Your wedding day is a significant event that marks the beginning of a wonderful journey with your partner and a celebration of love and dedication. Wedding signs are one feature that frequently lends a bit of charm and individuality to the festivities even as you meticulously organise every last detail. These charming signs have developed into a charming fad that turns regular places into enchanted lands and creates the mood for a memorable celebration. Each sign has its own unique charm that gives your special day that additional touch of enchantment, from fanciful wooden designs covered with floral garlands to sleek modern masterpieces displaying delicate lettering.

Beyond aesthetics, these signs also have a useful function, directing attendees smoothly through your event and elegantly and tastefully capturing special moments. There are creative ways to include wedding signs in your ceremony, reception, and even after the wedding to make them a memorable part of your experience.

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    What is a wedding welcome sign?

    Wedding Welcome Signs let your guests know where they should be and spare your planner the hassle of having to confirm this for each person that enters the building. They usually contain your name, the wedding date, and occasionally the location.

    There are many different types of welcome signs, including exquisite acrylic designs, rustic wooden works of art, blackboard signs, and more. Couples may use their creativity to personalise their welcome sign, making it fit their tastes and the wedding’s theme. The welcome sign plays a crucial role in making the celebration memorable and welcoming because it is frequently one of the first things visitors see.

    What signs are needed at a wedding?

    Different signs may be used at a wedding for both functional and ornamental purposes, guiding guests through the event and enhancing the attractiveness of the atmosphere. Here are a few typical symbols used during weddings:

    1. Welcome Sign: A large, prominent sign placed at the entrance to greet guests and set the tone for the event.

    2. Ceremony Sign: This sign directs guests to the location of the ceremony, whether it’s outdoors, in a different area of the venue, or at a separate location.

    3. Order of Events/Program Sign: A sign displaying the schedule of the day’s events, including ceremony start time, cocktail hour, dinner, and other key activities.

    4. Seating Chart or Escort Card Sign: To inform guests about their assigned tables or seating arrangements.

    5. Guestbook Sign: A sign near the guestbook area, encouraging guests to sign and leave well wishes for the couple.

    6. Photo Booth Sign: If there’s a photo booth or a designated photo area, a sign can inform guests and add a fun element to the experience.

    7. Hashtag Sign: If the couple has a designated wedding hashtag for social media sharing, a sign can encourage guests to use it.

    8. Bar Menu Sign: If you’re offering signature cocktails or a special drink menu, a sign at the bar can showcase the options.

    9. Dessert Table Sign: A sign near the dessert table can describe the sweet treats available.

    10. Directional Signs: For outdoor weddings or expansive venues, signs can guide guests to various locations, such as the restrooms, parking area, or dance floor.

    11. Thank You Sign: Placed near the exit, this sign expresses gratitude to guests for attending the celebration.

    12. Table Number Signs: For seated receptions, signs indicating table numbers help guests find their seats.

    13. Menu Signs: If you’re offering a plated meal or buffet, menu signs can showcase the dishes available.

    14. Quotes or Love Sayings: Some couples like to incorporate love quotes or meaningful sayings throughout the venue as part of the decor.

    Keep in mind that the kinds of signage you want will depend on the theme, scale, and personal preferences of your wedding. It is possible to create a harmonious and lovely ambience by personalising signage to go with the general concept and aesthetic of your wedding.

    What is the best material for welcome wedding sign?

    The ideal material for a welcome wedding sign relies on the couple’s preferred style and financial constraints as well as the wedding’s overall theme and location. Here are a few common types of welcome wedding signs, each with its unique benefits:

    1. Wood: Wooden signs are a timeless and versatile choice, suitable for various wedding themes, including rustic, bohemian, and outdoor weddings. They can be painted, stained, or engraved with the couple’s names, wedding date, and a warm welcome message. Wood provides a natural and charming look, and it’s sturdy enough to withstand outdoor elements.

    2. Acrylic: Acrylic signs offer a modern and elegant touch to the wedding decor. They have a sleek and polished appearance, making them ideal for contemporary and formal weddings. Acrylic signs can be transparent or tinted, and the text can be either printed or engraved for a sophisticated finish.

    3. Chalkboard: Chalkboard signs add a touch of whimsy and vintage charm to the wedding ambience. They are great for rustic or outdoor-themed weddings. Chalkboard signs can be written on with chalk for customization and personalization.

    4. Canvas: Canvas signs have a soft and romantic appeal, perfect for bohemian or garden-themed weddings. They can be hand-painted with beautiful calligraphy or artistic designs, creating a unique and artistic welcome sign.

    The best material for a welcome wedding sign should be one that complements the couple’s plans for their special day. When selecting the material for the welcome sign, take into account elements such as the wedding theme, location, local climate, and desired aesthetic. The celebration’s mood will be established by a skilfully made welcome sign that will cordially welcome guests into the wedding event.

    Do all of your wedding signs have to match?

    No, the signage at your wedding does not all have to match. While a unifying theme and recurring design elements can give your wedding décor a professional and united appearance, they are not a must. Nowadays, many weddings choose a more eclectic and personalised style, where several signage may differ in style, materials, and patterns.

    Keep in mind that your wedding is a reflection of your love and character. Mix things up if you enjoy choosing unusual and different signs that appeal to you as a couple. The most important factor is that you and your guests experience a genuine and memorable wedding.

    Let’s get on with our picks.



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    Wedding Welcome Signs are a MUST.  The timeline of events, cuisine, and table layout of your wedding may all be communicated through signages. They’re wonderful at directing visitors in the right direction, which is very helpful especially if you have a large wedding venue.

    The bride’s name should always come before the groom’s on Save the Dates, Invitations, and other official documents before the wedding. And after the wedding, the groom’s name will appear before his new wife’s (on Thank You cards, address labels, etc.).

    For a married couple, the first initial of the bride appears first on the left, followed by the couple’s last name in the middle, and the groom’s first initial on the right.

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