Dog friendly hikes in Melbourne

Melbournes Best Dog Friendly Hikes

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Melbourne is not just a hub for art, culture, and coffee. Additionally, it has some of the most beautiful dog friendly hikes in Melbourne that are ideal for you and your canine companion. If you’re itching to get some fresh air and take in Melbourne’s natural beauty, while also ensuring your dog gets their much-needed exercise, you’ve come to the right place. For you, we have scouted out the top walks in Melbourne that welcome dogs!

Why are Dog Friendly Hikes in Melbourne So Popular?

With the bustling urban life of Melbourne, residents are always looking for a refreshing escape. Additionally, as pet ownership rises, Melburnians are looking for activities that allow them to bring their four-legged friends along. Combining the health benefits of hiking with the joy of spending time with their pets makes these trails a win-win for dog owners.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe on Melbourne Hikes?

  1. Hydration: Make sure you and your dog have access to plenty of water.
  2. Terrain Awareness: While some trails might be easy for humans, rocky terrains can be tough on your dog’s paws. For rocky paths, think about getting dog booties.
  3. Wildlife Interactions: Be mindful of local wildlife, and ensure your dog doesn’t chase after them.

What Should You Pack for a Dog Hike in Melbourne?

Making the appropriate packing choices might ease the hike:

  • Water and collapsible bowl: Essential for hydration.
  • Dog snacks: To reward and energise your furball.
  • First aid kit: Accidents do occur, so be ready.
  • Waste bags: Leave no trace behind.

Top 10 Dog Friendly Hikes in Melbourne

Melbourne is a sanctuary for dog lovers and their canine pals because of its beautiful scenery and lush surroundings. If you’re looking to explore the great outdoors with your pooch, here are the top 10 dog friendly hikes in Melbourne:

Melbourne Bay Trail

Melbourne Bay Trail

This trail runs along Port Phillip Bay’s shoreline from Port Melbourne to Seaford. With a distance of 50km, it’s a moderate walk that offers numerous entry and exit points. You’ll pass dog-friendly beaches like Port Melbourne, Brighton, and St Kilda along the route.

Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail

This 23km trail is an extension of the Melbourne Bay Trail, separated by the Yarra River. It starts at the Westgate Bridge and ends at Skeleton Creek after passing marshes, beaches, and historical landmarks. Don’t miss the dog-friendly Altona Beach!

Yarra Bend Park

This 260-hectare park in the east of the city has six dog-friendly pathways available. The Yarra River meanders through, providing a picturesque backdrop. One must tour the Dights Falls loop track.

Mathias Walking Track

Situated between Olinda and Wonga Park, this trail lets you experience the Dandenong Ranges’ natural beauty. For all ages, the 4 km trek is flat. Remember to pack a poop bag and water for your dog.

Warrandyte River Reserve

This 4.7km trail offers a mix of history and nature. Visit the historic Stonehouse Café, stroll along the Yarra River, and take in the natural splendor. There are off-leash areas for your dog to play, but be cautious of the steep steps leading to the river.

Glenfern Valley Bushlands

This 40-hectare area is 35 kilometers east of Melbourne and provides both flat and hilly routes. The sounds of Ferny Creek and chirping birds make it a serene experience.

Darebin Creek Trail

The 56.8-kilometer out-and-back path is well-liked by joggers, cyclists, and birdwatchers. After rainfall, the creek’s beauty is unparalleled. The route is ideal for a day trip because there are picnic areas along the way.

Somers Trail

Somers Trail

Located in Mitcham, this 2.3km trail is a mix of paved roads and dirt paths. Although it is quick and simple, there are interesting parks and reserves to visit. Simpson Park is a highlight, where well-behaved dogs can enjoy some off-leash time.

La La Falls

La La Falls

The 3.2 km trail leads to the magnificent falls through ferny glades. It’s a moderate hike, best undertaken after heavy rain to witness the falls in their full glory.

You Yangs Regional Park

You Yangs Regional Park

This 4.15-kilometer walk is pet-friendly and has breathtaking scenery. The East-West Walk rewards you with sights that even your dog will appreciate. It’s a visual delight, with odd rock formations and the distant Melbourne skyline from Flinders Peak.

Yes, several trails and parks in Melbourne have designated off-leash areas where dogs can roam freely. However, it’s crucial to always abide by signage and ensure your dog has good recall.

Yes, but ensure your dog is physically capable and accustomed to the distance. Take frequent breaks, and keep an eye out for signs of exhaustion or overheating.

Spring and autumn offer milder temperatures, making them ideal for hiking with dogs. However, Melbourne’s temperate climate means that with proper precautions, you can hike year-round.

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