Top 5 Retail Shop Fit Out Companies in Melbourne - Based on Looks

Top 5 Retail Shop Fit Out Companies in Melbourne – Based on Looks

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Few years ago, I had to sit down with a friend over coffee after not seeing each other for a very long time. She shared that she’s planning to open her first retail store which was a long time dream of hers. Right there and then, as someone very acquainted with design aesthetics, I knew she was asking for help to find the right company to design and build out her retail space.

Initially, my mind is set that the shop fit out is so important – it represents the brand and sets the stage for the customer experience. But later realised it’s not just about creating a visually stunning space; it’s about crafting an environment that draws customers in, reflects your brand’s essence, and ultimately, maximises sales. 

This is when I had to look somewhere outside the box and consider getting help from the services of professional retail shop fit out companies. I was very eager to help this childhood friend of mine so I did my research online and asked fellow business owners for some  recommendations. After meeting with several companies and evaluating their portfolios and services, I narrowed it down to my top five retail shop fit out companies in Melbourne based on their aesthetic and ability to bring visions to life. 

In this article, I’ll share what I learned about these top firms so you can find the right partner for your store buildout and decor.

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    Understanding Retail Shop Fit Outs

    Before we dive into the list of top companies, we must first know the basics so you know what you’re really getting into. What exactly is a retail shop fit out? It’s the process of transforming an empty retail space into a fully functional and visually appealing store. It covers different components such as flooring, lighting, shelving, and decor — these elements can make or break the aesthetics of your store.

    Investing in a high-quality shop fit out is crucial for stores today to stand out, showcase products effectively and align with their brand image. The fit out needs to enhance functionality while also attracting foot traffic. Hiring a professional retail design firm ensures you get a cohesive, creative and compliant fit out.

    Why You Need Professional Assistance

    To be a hundred percent honest, at the beginning, I considered DIY options for my friend’s shop, thinking we could save some money. However, I quickly realised that the experience and expertise of professionals are indispensable. It is often needed or crucial to rely on other’s expertise rather than doing things your own and regret along the way. Hiring a retail shop fit-out company in Melbourne is truly a wise decision we’ve made as we got the wow factor we’re aiming for.

    The Psychology of Aesthetics in Retail Shop Fit Outs

    As the title suggests, we’re focusing on the visual appeal of these fit-out companies. In the world of retail, aesthetics aren’t just a matter of preference; they’re a strategic choice that can significantly impact your bottom line. The psychology of aesthetics plays a crucial role in creating an environment that not only attracts customers but also keeps them coming back for more. 

    With that, here are my Top 5 company choices to get your retail shop in Melbourne fitted out:

    Top 5 Retail Shop Fit Out Companies in Melbourne


    Shop Fitters Melbourne

    With over three decades of experience and an impressive portfolio, Shop Fitters Melbourne is prepared to craft a masterpiece for businesses. They approach each project as if it were their own, considering their reputation is at stake. Their portfolio includes notable projects such as Australia 108 and the Queen Victoria Women’s Center, demonstrating their proficiency in high-end fitouts and intricate designs. They have adeptly translated architects’ designs into reality and possess expertise in a wide array of materials and construction techniques.

    Shop Fitters Melbourne is the way to go if you’re looking for the one who understands aesthetics, craftsmanship, and all-around attention to detail, they have their works to back them up.



    Top Fit Projects

    If you would like to work with professionals that takes space more than just aesthetics, this is what you’ll get from Top Fit Projects.

    Top Fit Projects are very passionate about their work, applying strong attention to detail, creativity, adept problem-solving, and a consistent track record of delivering projects seamlessly and within specified timelines. It’s also worth noting that TopFit Projects is a proud member of the Master Builders Association.



    Storebuild Australia

    Storebuild Australia offers a comprehensive project experience, encompassing design, engineering, construction, installation, and finalisation, all at a competitive price. Their approach is highly consultative, making sure that you are kept well-informed throughout the entire process. 

    Their expertise is not just retail, they can also do other fitouts, completing projects both in Australia and New Zealand.




    Monde, along with other shopfitters in Melbourne, stands at the top. Their team of highly skilled and professional shopfitters ranks among the industry’s finest. With a dedicated focus on delivering a comprehensive shopfitting experience, they will collaborate with you throughout the entire process to ensure the desired outcome is achieved. 

    Monde boasts a customised approach and value every business’ need for a unique solution, taking your brand to the next level.



    AAFS Shopfitting

    AAFS Shopfitting, located in Melbourne, stands as one of Australia’s prominent shopfitting companies. Although the majority of their shop fitouts are concentrated in Melbourne, they have the necessary licenses to do interior fitout projects across the entire nation. They have a committed national installation team and trade subcontractors making them well-equipped to efficiently manage nationwide store rollouts.

    You may also check out their collection of shop fitout images showcasing various stores they have completed in recent years.



    For me, Shop Fitters Melbourne was the perfect partner to bring my vision to life. With an expert retail fit out tailored to your business, you can open stores that truly wow. Their previous store designs aligned very well with my brand aesthetic and target luxury feel. During meetings, they brought thoughtful ideas to life with renders and materials samples. I appreciated their collaborative approach to make my vision a reality within budgetary needs.

    With the ever-competitive retail industry, your shop’s appearance can make all the difference. In Melbourne, the top retail shop fit-out companies understand the significance of aesthetics, and their work speaks for itself. So, if you’re on the hunt for the best retail shop fit-out solutions, do your research to find the best fit based on reviews, experience, capabilities and design aesthetics. 

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