building a hampton style home in melbourne

Building a Hampton Style Home in Melbourne

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Creating the perfect Hamptons-style home is a dream for many, and it’s a style that’s gaining popularity in Melbourne. We have gathered info from seasoned Hampton style home builders about how they did this. We’ll discuss the key elements and expert tips that can help you transform your Melbourne home into a Hamptons-style haven.

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    What is the difference between modern and Hampton style?

    The difference between modern and Hampton styles in home design is in their overall character and degree of flexibility. Both styles share some common elements, such as ocean-inspired colour palettes, spacious interiors, and the use of natural materials. However, the Hampton style leans towards classic and timeless aesthetics, characterized by traditional architectural features and elegant decor. In contrast, the Modern Coastal style offers greater room for individuality and personal expression. It embraces contemporary design elements and a more relaxed vibe, allowing homeowners to infuse their unique personality into the space while capturing the coastal ambience. Essentially, while Hamptons remains firmly rooted in its classic charm, the Modern Coastal style provides a more adaptable canvas for homeowners to create their own coastal-inspired haven.

    What is a Hamptons style house Australia?

    One key distinction between modern and Hampton styles in home design lies in their approach to light and colour. In a Hampton-style house, the hallmark feature is the abundant use of natural light. This is achieved through large windows and open-space floor plans, essential for creating the typical Hamptons atmosphere. Additionally, Hampton-style homes favour a colour scheme that includes crisp white walls and light flooring. This combination creates a sense of airiness and brightness, echoing the coastal charm that defines the Hamptons aesthetic. On the other hand, modern-style homes can vary in their approach to light and colour, often leaning towards more contemporary and diverse colour palettes, and while they may also incorporate open spaces, the emphasis differs from the classic, light-filled ambience of the Hampton style. 

    Is Hamptons style still popular?

    The Hamptons style continues to be popular in interior design. What sets it apart is its ability to provide a perfect blend of comfort and luxury, an essential feature in today’s home decor trends. The Hamptons style’s timeless appeal lies in its neutral colour palette, which serves as a versatile canvas for layering fabrics, textures, and complementary colour tones. This shift towards interiors featuring a multitude of layers in design elements aligns seamlessly with the Hamptons style, making it as relevant and in demand as ever. The enduring charm of the Hamptons style lies in its capacity to create a warm and welcoming ambience, characterized by classic elements and an emphasis on comfort, making it a popular choice for those seeking a combination of sophistication and relaxation in their living spaces. 

    How to make your house Hampton style?

    Creating Hampton style homes is a timeless and elegant endeavour, and in Melbourne, it’s one of the most sought-after design choices for homeowners. Hampton-style homes draw inspiration from the coastal charm of Long Island, New York, offering a unique blend of casual elegance, sophistication, comfort, and style. The beauty of Hampton design lies in its ability to transport you to the breezy ambiance of beach living without leaving the city.

    In Melbourne, Rycon Building Group specialize in working with homeowners to craft the perfect Hampton-style home, infusing it with coastal influences ideally suited to Australian life. Their expertise lies in paying attention to every detail, from the intricately designed architraves to the classic weatherboard cladding and a colour palette dominated by white and soft neutrals. These elements come together to create a space that not only feels like home but also becomes the envy of your neighbours. 

    Here are some tips:

    1. The Façade: Crafting the ideal Hamptons-style home begins with the exterior. As seasoned Hampton style home builders, they understand that the façade is an important aspect. They know that gable rooflines, timber or slate accents, open porches, weatherboard panelling, and white window frames are the quintessential elements that give your home that unmistakable Hamptons charm.

    2. Plan Your Interiors: Their experience in the field has taught them that Hamptons style is all about texture, proportion, and the seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. They have the beauty of light-filled rooms and the allure of oversized furnishings. When designing your interiors, they recommend planning the room based on how you intend to live in it. This ensures easy movement and functionality. Consider using light oak or stained timber floorings and add sisal or similar woven textures to create that coastal ambience.

    3. Choose Your Colors: Based on their experience, Hamptons color palette is necessary for nailing the style. Typically, it includes whitewashed walls with accents of blue-green, soft neutrals, or even hints of red. To infuse personality, consider adding decorative features to your walls, such as panelling, textured paint finishes, or embossed wallpapers that you can paint with an accent colour. However, it’s essential to avoid applying bold colours to permanent surfaces, as they can quickly become outdated and costly to replace.

    4. Creating the Perfect Rooms: There are specific rooms require special attention:

    • Kitchen: Stick to classic white and cream marble, stone, and shaker-style cabinetry. Blend in natural textures like timber and timeless knobs or handles.
    • Bathroom: To add character, consider panelled walls in the bathrooms. Keep the colour palette light and bright and introduce colour through accessories and greenery. Bathrooms are perfect for plant lovers!
    • Living Areas: We’ve seen the power of natural textures, such as linen or cotton drill slipcovers, jute rugs, and woollen soft furnishings. Coastal artwork and mood lighting, like pendants and floor lamps with wicker shades, set the scene for comfort and relaxation. Mixing old and new by incorporating both modern and antique items adds depth to your Hamptons style.
    • Outside: Hamptons-style outdoor space is equally important for entertainment and relaxation. They recommend using cane and wicker outdoor furniture with comfy, washable canvas cushions. For dining tables, consider stone tops or timber. Surround yourself with green foliage, and contemplate adding a water feature for that extra touch of serenity.
    1. Key Architectural Features: The architectural features are pivotal. Whether you’re going for a single or double-storey design, key features to look for include gabled or skillion roofs, window mouldings, covered porches, large windows, and open floor plans. These elements capture the essence of Hamptons living.

    2. Hamptons Color Palette: Hamptons colour palette is a particular look. Typically, the exterior colours are simple and consist of 2-3 colours. Whitewashed walls and beachy tones set the foundation, while interior colours reflect the exterior for a harmonious style. Whites with soft grey or blue undertones work well, as do soft greys and blue accents.

    3. Materials Used: Consider using render, bricks, cladding, roofing, and different textures to achieve the desired look.

    4. Interior Design Elements: There are also specific interior design elements in a Hamptons-style home:

    • Kitchen: Opt for a classic white benchtop, add a touch of marble, and choose shaker-style cabinetry. Introduce unique cabinetry profiles for that timeless Hamptons look.
    • Accessories: Pay attention to details, such as classic knobs and handles for doors and quirky yet understated drawer handles, like shell pull handles.
    • Flooring: Choose a lighter timber floor for a coastal look and a darker oak floor for a more country feel.
    • Lighting: Lighting plays a significant role in creating the right ambience. Chandeliers with crystal or glass accents add elegance, while pendant lights with wrought iron, metal, or woven materials lend a casual yet sophisticated touch.
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