best wood fired pizza ovens online

Best Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens Online

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The distinct crackle of burning wood, the dance of flames embracing the dome, and the intoxicating aroma of smoldering embers is an ambiance unmatched by conventional ovens. This form of cooking isn’t merely a means to prepare meals; it’s a fusion of artistry and tradition, where every pizza emerges as a testament to the craft. The combination of high temperatures and natural wood infuses each pizza with a depth of flavor and a crust with the perfect balance of crunch and chew.

It’s not just about the product but also the essence of flavor, tradition, and the joy of creating something exceptional.

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    Is a wood burning pizza oven worth it?

    A wood-burning pizza oven is an investment that extends beyond just the culinary realm. A wood-fired pizza oven transformed not just the way I cook but also how I experience food.

    The beauty of a wood-fired oven isn’t solely in its ability to cook food quickly and evenly; it’s about the entire experience. It’s a sensory journey, where each moment feels like a connection to a tradition that’s rich with history and flavor. The mesmerizing dance of flames, the intoxicating aroma of burning wood, and the symphony of crackling embers create an ambiance that transcends mere cooking. 

    From a practical standpoint, these ovens excel in their efficiency. The intense heat from wood fires crisps up the pizza crust to perfection, creating a delightful contrast between a crunchy exterior and a perfectly cooked, flavorful interior. And it’s not just limited to pizza; these ovens are incredibly versatile, allowing for the creation of roasted meats, vegetables, and even freshly baked bread.

    While it may seem like an addition purely for culinary indulgence, it significantly reduces the burden on your indoor kitchen. During the hot summer months, it’s keeping the house cool while delivering mouthwatering dishes. Moreover, it fosters a sense of community, drawing family and friends together to share in the joy of creating delectable meals. It’s a lifestyle choice that adds depth and character to your home.

    What is the best type of wood to use in a wood fired pizza oven?

    Choosing the right wood for your wood-fired pizza oven significantly impacts the flavor and cooking experience. I’ve found that dry, seasoned hardwoods like oak, alder, maple, ash, beech, and birch are optimal for achieving that perfect wood-fired pizza.

    Among these options, oak stands out as a reliable choice. It’s not just easily accessible but also offers a high heat output, crucial for the intense temperatures needed to create the ideal pizza. Its ability to burn consistently and produce ample heat makes it a go-to option for many wood-fired oven enthusiasts.

    The type of wood you select influences not only the temperature but also the flavor infusion. Oak, for instance, imparts a robust, smoky essence to the pizza, elevating its taste and adding that authentic wood-fired touch. However, the choice of wood can be somewhat subjective, as it depends on personal preferences and regional availability. Experimenting with different hardwoods allows you to tailor the flavor profile to your liking. While oak might be a prevalent and reliable choice, exploring other hardwoods can unveil unique flavors and nuances, letting you craft pizzas with a touch of individuality.

    Remember, the key is to use well-seasoned wood to avoid excessive smoke and ensure a clean, consistent burn. With the right wood selection, you can transform your wood-fired pizza into a culinary masterpiece, all while enjoying the process of experimenting with different flavors and aromas.

    What wood should you not use in a pizza oven?

    When it comes to fueling your wood-fired pizza oven, I recommend to steer clear of resinous woods abundant in sap or oil content, such as red pine. Burning these types of firewood can lead to a lot of issues, primarily the production of excessive soot. This soot tends to coat not just the interior of your pizza oven but can also accumulate within the chimney flue, forming creosote.

    Creosote buildup poses a high risk, potentially leading to chimney fires if left unattended. Always remember to avoid using high-resin wood in your pizza oven. Instead, opt for cleaner-burning firewoods like oak. The high temperatures produced by cleaner woods assist in burning off any residual creosote, thereby maintaining a safer and cleaner cooking environment. Choosing the right wood for your wood-fired oven is not only about enhancing the flavor of your pizzas but also about the safety and longevity of your oven. 



    the woodfired co

    The Wood Fired Co is one of the experts in high-quality refractory materials, insulation, mortar, and more, both in domestic and commercial spheres in Australia. With competitive pricing and professional service, they have established themselves as a leading supplier of Australian-made products. Emphasizing an authentic wood-fired experience, they offer a broad range of products, constantly expanding to cater to the wood-fired pizza oven enthusiasts’ diverse needs.

    Specializing in maximizing cooking performance through engineered fire harnessing, they offer a vast selection of wood-fired products, from DIY kits with detailed instructions for the hands-on enthusiast to professionally installed options handled by their qualified installers. The Wood Fired Co’s commitment extends nationwide, facilitating delivery through integrated maps, and ensuring convenient access for customers across Australia.

    Their products undergo rigorous testing in the field and adhere to stringent company standards, leveraging computer engineering and precise design, promising high-quality, enduring products meant to last a lifetime. The Wood Fired Co’s dedication to excellence, coupled with its extensive range and service options, makes it a top choice for anyone seeking the best wood-fired cooking solutions in Australia.



    the fire brick co

    The Fire Brick Co. makes crafting wood-fired pizza oven kits of the utmost quality. Their offerings include Precut Brick Oven Kits for those inclined towards traditional brick ovens and Precast Oven Kits, ideal for quicker assembly and faster heat-up times.

    They address the perennial dilemma of choosing between brick and precast ovens by highlighting that the suitability of each type is a matter of individual preferences and needs. To aid in this decision-making process, they’ve created a detailed video covering the differences between the two, emphasizing that neither type is inherently ‘better,’ but one might be better suited for you.

    Wood-fired pizza ovens have gained significant popularity due to their versatility in cooking and their aesthetic appeal as a centerpiece in any outdoor setting. The Fire Brick Co. delivers exceptional products and provides amazing support for a seamless experience in building your wood-fired oven. Their commitment extends beyond the sale, aiming for customer satisfaction at every step.



    Craftsmanship and exclusivity with Roshults’ outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is a gateway to a whole new level of culinary delight. This outdoor oven promises to elevate your evenings under the stars, allowing you to create perfect pizzas, bread, or various culinary dishes.

    For a complete setup, consider adding a matching sideboard, available in stainless steel or anthracite, with options for a marble or teak top. The wood oven itself embodies true craftsmanship, offering an experience that is both authentic and exceptional. Complement it with a sideboard of similar style and accessories, such as a teak bottom for a warmer aesthetic or a stainless steel bottom for a sleek, minimalist look. This comprehensive range of wood oven products makes you design your own garden pizza haven, perfectly crafted and designed for your culinary aspirations.



    jalando pizza ovens

    Jalando Pizza Ovens is a family-owned business established in 2012, stemmed from a genuine passion for wood-fired cooking and the joy of entertaining, sparked by their own purchase of a pizza oven back in 2012. Their Australian-designed ovens, crafted from castable refractory cement and bricks, withstand extreme heat up to 700 degrees Celsius, catering to both residential and commercial needs. Offering a range of styles and sizes, including DIY kits and prebuilt ovens, Jalando ensures quality without compromise. They also provide a 12-month warranty on all ovens.

    They have worldwide distribution including Europe and the USA. Emphasizing the versatility of their ovens, they highlight the rapid heating process, allowing pizzas to cook in under 2 minutes while conserving firewood. Beyond pizzas, these ovens cater to slow cooking, roasting, seafood, vegetables, desserts, and bread baking, offering a multifaceted cooking experience beyond just pizza making.



    Polito Wood Fire Ovens, founded by Antonio Polito, embodies a rich heritage of wood fire cooking originating from Southern Italy. Migrating to Australia, Antonio introduced the art of wood fire ovens, igniting a fervor for Italian cuisine among Australians. As the business flourished, Antonio passed down his expertise to the younger generation, ensuring a seamless blend of tradition and innovation in their wood fire ovens.

    Established in 1988, this Melbourne-based, family-owned business has been dedicated to crafting enduring wood fire ovens designed to withstand the test of time and the elements. These ovens are not just about durability but also encapsulate the artistry and authenticity of wood fire cooking, ensuring a legacy that endures through generations.



    Mesiano Wood Ovens, born from a fervent love for wood-fired cooking, embodies a commitment to authenticity and craftsmanship in every Naples-style wood oven they handcraft. Their journey commenced with a vision to bring authentic, hand-built Naples-style wood ovens to Australia, steering away from mere imports, to create each oven meticulously, brick by brick.

    Their philosophy revolves around the belief that the true essence of cooking with fire lies in using an authentic, hand-crafted wood oven. Dedicated to preserving the traditional design of Naples-style wood ovens, they tailor each oven to suit the unique needs of their clientele, ensuring both home cooks and professional chefs can create flavorsome and authentic meals.

    What sets Mesiano Wood Ovens apart is not just their devotion to tradition but their focus on intricate details and personalization. Each oven is a collaborative masterpiece, where the essence of Naples fuses with the individual preferences of its owner for a culinary journey as distinctive as the flame that fuels it.

    Looking ahead, their aim is to establish themselves as the premier source for authentic, hand-crafted wood ovens in Australia, consistently evolving their products while staying true to the authenticity of Naples design. Their dedication lies in creating memorable culinary moments and fostering a sense of fun, all achieved through their passion, expertise, and attention to detail.



    Pizza Ovens R Us is an Australian-owned and operated business since 1998 and stands as a reliable source for superior Italian wood-fired pizza ovens across Australia and Melbourne. They boast various warehouse centers across the country, offering convenient pick-up options or home delivery within Victoria.

    Their diverse range includes modern and traditional style wood-fired pizza ovens, catering to various cooking and entertainment needs. They assist customers in selecting the right type and size of oven. The selection spans DIY kits, portable ovens, pre-built benchtop models, commercial-grade professional ovens, and stainless steel options, all crafted from the highest quality refractory materials to ensure excellent heat production and cooking outcomes.

    These authentic wood-fired ovens cater not only to pizza making but a variety of culinary delights, from meats, roasts, veggies, seafood, desserts, and fresh bread, to cooking pizzas in just 2-3 minutes. Their offerings include pre-built, portable, and Jamie Oliver branded ovens, ensuring convenience and quality in their diverse products.

    Their DIY pizza oven kits, crafted in Italy with three generations of craftsmanship since 1959, offer superior quality with a one-piece refractory cooking floor and modular pre-cast design for efficient heating and cooking results. They also specialize in Italian-made commercial wood-fired ovens, catering to the demands of professional kitchens with a range of sizes from 1100mm x 1100mm to 3m x 3m. Pizza Ovens R Us delivers a diverse range of wood-fired ovens suitable for various needs, from residential to commercial settings.



    The Alfresco Factory offers two distinctive ranges of wood-fired ovens: the Traditional Range, exuding a rustic charm with a black front arch, and the Wildfire Range, catering to modern aesthetics with a stainless steel front arch. Crafted to the highest specifications, these ovens are designed for regular use, standing out for their unique features.

    These ovens have a premium quality cast refractory dome, insulated with a thermal ceramic blanket, ensuring high cooking temperatures while maintaining a cool exterior. Their design, with steep sides and a wide mouth, facilitates efficient heat flow and easy use, accommodating large pots and roasting trays.

    Upon purchasing an Alfresco Factory wood-fired pizza oven in Melbourne, customers receive a bundle of included features without extra cost, including reinforced refractory materials, a locally manufactured stainless steel flue and hat, oven door, luxurious granite or stainless steel finishes, a choice of render color, and a stainless steel pizza paddle.

    The Alfresco Factory offers these wood-fired ovens as either DIY kits or pre-assembled models, allowing customers the flexibility to choose the installation method that suits their needs. With a focus on quality, functionality, and flexibility, their ovens ensure a high-standard cooking experience while providing choices that cater to various preferences and styles.


    Choosing between oak and beech for a pizza oven wood source can depend on the desired flame characteristics. Oak, while not as lively or intense as beech, offers consistent heat, producing an optimal amount of hot embers for a pizza oven. Italian wood-fired oven users often utilize oak to heat their ovens.

    The choice between the two woods might hinge on the kind of fire you prefer. Beech may produce a more energetic flame, whereas oak, while less lively, can provide a steadier heat, generating an ideal quantity of embers, which is crucial for wood-fired pizza cooking. Both woods have their merits, but oak, particularly favored in Italian traditions, proves valuable for its ability to uniformly heat the oven.

    Redgum, specifically when dry, serves as an excellent fuel for a pizza oven. Dry redgum wood burns cleanly, emitting low smoke while generating high heat, making it ideal for pizza cooking. Remember to store the wood in a dry place before use, as any moisture can significantly affect the efficiency of the burn. Opting for well-dried redgum ensures an effective and clean-burning fuel source for your pizza oven, providing the necessary high heat without excessive smoke, leading to an efficient and flavorful cooking experience.

    The ideal flour for a wood-fired pizza oven, specifically for Neapolitan pizza is Tipo “00” Flour. This flour type stands out as the prime choice for authentic Neapolitan pizza. With around 12% protein content and an incredibly fine milling texture, Tipo “00” flour boasts the characteristics that set it apart from other flours, making it the shining star in the creation of Neapolitan pizza. Its fine milling and specific protein content contribute to the desired texture and structure of the pizza dough when cooked in a wood-fired oven, yielding that classic Neapolitan pizza crust.

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