best running physios in melbourne

Best Running Physio’s in Melbourne

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Running demands more than passion—it requires a commitment to understanding and nurturing your body’s intricate mechanics. As a runner based in Melbourne, I’ve run through the highs and lows of the pavement, pushing my limits to achieve personal milestones. In the pursuit of peak performance, I’ve come to recognize the pivotal role of a proficient running physiotherapist. 

Finding the right running physio can be a game-changer. Your stride deserves nothing less than the best, and Melbourne’s running physios are here to ensure just that. So lace up! It’s time to elevate your running experience.

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    Can physio help with running?

    Training is the cornerstone of improvement, and runners, like any athlete, must diversify their regimen to address muscle imbalances and enhance overall strength and endurance. The consequences of improper training and a lack of stability at the hip resulted in biomechanical issues, ultimately leading to fatigue-induced injuries. For running enthusiasts facing persistent aches and pains, the combined benefits of physiotherapy and clinical pilates can be transformative. Physiotherapy not only aids in recovery but also enhances running performance and prevents future injuries. This comprehensive approach enables runners to enjoy their passion but do so pain-free, with improved strength, efficient recovery, and a reduced risk of injuries.

    When should I see a physio running?

    It is advisable to consult a physiotherapist or a running injury specialist at least once a year, even in the absence of apparent issues. This proactive approach can aid in the early detection of potential problems and allow for timely intervention to prevent more severe complications. Our bodies may harbour subtle signals of distress even when we perceive smooth strides. An annual checkup with a running physio has become a ritual—a proactive measure that aligns with the approach adopted by elite athletes. This is the transformative power of early intervention. It’s not about reacting to existing issues; it’s about anticipating and mitigating potential problems before they gain traction. These annual checkups offer personalized insights, a preemptive strike against the unpredictabilities of running.

    An annual visit to a running physio is running smart. It’s not merely a routine; it’s an investment in the future of your running endeavours. As a runner in Melbourne, I encourage fellow enthusiasts to adopt this practice so that your every stride is not just a step forward but a step towards sustained, injury-free running.

    Should you get physio before or after running?

    Consulting a physiotherapist for an analysis before a marathon offers a strategic advantage by identifying and rectifying faulty movement patterns. This pre-run intervention ensures optimal joint alignment, enhances performance, and minimizes the risk of injuries. For any marathon preparation, the timing of physiotherapy should always be considered. Advocating for a proactive approach, and speaking with a physiotherapist before hitting the marathon trail proves to be a strategic move with multifaceted benefits. This will fine-tune one’s running mechanics. This strategic pre-run intervention has the potential to unravel faulty movement patterns, preparing you for an injury-free and performance-enhanced marathon experience. Run smart! 



    run ready

    Run Ready is a running physio Melbourne that offers a distinctive sports physiotherapy model, delivering professional rehabilitation services in its cutting-edge strength and conditioning facility. Their experienced team collaborates to create personalized training plans, accelerating recovery and ensuring a return to sport in optimal condition. Utilizing VALD testing equipment, they provide expert assessment and diagnosis, offering unparalleled insight into injury risk, physical deficits, and goal setting. Their mission is to provide local athletes with high-level sports rehabilitation, addressing acute and chronic injuries, pre/post-surgical rehab, adolescent growing injuries, fractures, dislocations, and implementing injury prevention programs. Their comprehensive services include initial injury assessments, follow-up consultations, and a Monday Night Injury Clinic for quick diagnoses, referrals, and management plans. Book your appointment today and experience professional sports physiotherapy tailored to your unique needs.



    Their team is committed to providing the gold standard in clinical care, guiding individuals of all levels—whether beginners, elite athletes, or part of a community group—toward their running goals. Recognizing the simplicity and health benefits of running, their physiotherapists conduct thorough 60- to 90-minute assessments, addressing musculoskeletal biomechanics, injury recovery physiology, running technique, and holistic psychological and social factors. They prioritize attention to detail, education, and explanation, believing these are fundamental in achieving optimal outcomes. Utilizing advanced video technology and in-practice gyms, they analyze and potentially retrain performance or technical aspects for running success. Collaborating with podiatrists, footwear specialists, orthopaedic surgeons, and sports doctors, they offer a comprehensive approach. With two clinics in Melbourne’s CBD and a team of skilled physiotherapists, they are passionate about getting you on the right track toward your running aspirations.



    With over 14 years of service in Melbourne CBD, their team with experience of over 30 years delivers high-quality care. They focus on addressing the root cause of symptoms and tailor a Results4Life program to meet individual goals. If ever you are unsatisfied with your experience they refund your last session and provide the next one for free. Their extensive service offerings include physiotherapy, clinical exercise, remedial massage, custom orthotics, exercise and rehab, women’s and men’s health, GaitScan® assessment, telehealth, cancer rehabilitation, dry needling, group classes, running assessments, clinical pilates, and more. At Back In Motion, they ensure the best physiotherapy care, customer service, and outcomes for their valued clientele.



    Their physiotherapy techniques embody a holistic approach to pain management, employing manipulation, mobilization, stretching, massage, exercise prescription, and clinical rehabilitation. Their physios conduct thorough assessments, diagnose, and employ a range of techniques including joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, stretching, dry needling, GLAD Program for Osteoarthritis, postural analysis, clinical pilates, taping, ergonomic assessment, biomechanical assessment, orthopaedic bracing, core and pelvic floor muscle training, and at-home exercise prescription. Beyond pain treatment, they offer screenings such as computerized postural analysis, Y Balance test, and Functional Movement Screen. Their commitment extends to promoting a healthy workforce through ergonomic assessments and providing ergonomic office equipment.



    The Run Smarter Physiotherapy Clinic offers online consultations tailored to runners of all abilities. From injury diagnosis to analyzing your running technique, managing injuries, improving performance, and ensuring running longevity, their clinic addresses your specific needs. Recognizing that up to 80% of running injuries stem from training errors, they understand the challenges you may face—poor understanding of injury, lack of rehabilitation, misguided information, stubbornness, and feelings of doubt. Their solution involves expertly identifying training errors, providing correct injury diagnosis, offering education on your injury, assessing your running technique, guiding your training programs, tailoring rehabilitation plans, and equipping you with tools for injury prevention. With their experienced physiotherapists, we aim to be your on-call support, ensuring adjustments are made whenever needed. Trust Run Smarter Physiotherapy Clinic to elevate your running experience and promote a holistic approach to your running health.



    Transform your running experience with their Running Analysis, offered by highly skilled Physiotherapists. Whether you’re a casual jogger, dedicated athlete, or marathon enthusiast, their assessments, featuring both video and real-time insights, aim to enhance your performance, prevent injuries, and optimize your running technique. During the initial 60-minute assessment, meet with a specialist running Physio to discuss your running program, injuries, and goals. Run on the treadmill while their experts provide feedback on your running form, followed by a biomechanical assessment if needed. Their focus on education ensures a clear understanding of findings, with coaching on modified techniques. You’ll receive a personalized video program targeting biomechanics, mobility, and strength, ultimately aiming for a stronger, more efficient form to prevent injuries. They provide a comprehensive approach to care. Build a genuine connection with your own Physio, ensuring consistent and personalized treatment every time. Specializing in treating a range of running-related injuries, from patellofemoral joint issues to stress fractures, their expert team is dedicated to empowering you to manage your well-being and overcome your running challenges. 



    melbourne sports physio

    Melbourne Sports Physiotherapy understands the unique challenges faced by runners, whether you’re a seasoned marathon participant or a casual jogger. Despite the passion to continue running, your body might be signalling discomfort through aches and pains. The specialized Running Physiotherapists at Melbourne Sports Physiotherapy are experts in addressing common running injuries such as low back pain, tight hips, knee pain, and more. The assessment process is personalized, delving into your running history, fitness level, training program, and goals. Through physical testing, including joint and muscle mobility assessments, strength evaluations, and cutting-edge technology like treadmill biomechanical analysis, a comprehensive understanding of your running mechanics is achieved. Common running impairments like overstriding, poor pelvic control, and insufficient hip extension are diligently treated. The approach involves short-term soft tissue work for pain relief, followed by a targeted strength program addressing specific muscle groups for long-term solutions. Modified running programs are introduced, emphasizing gradual progression to avoid rapid changes. The return to running is a scientifically guided process, considering individual situations. Prevention of future injuries is a key focus, incorporating measures such as muscle strengthening, dynamic stretching, gradual training intensity, proper technique, targeted fitness programs, adequate recovery, suitable footwear, and hydration. Melbourne Sports Physiotherapy stands out not just for its Physiotherapy services but also for its array of specialists – Sports Physicians, Podiatrists, Massage therapists, and Dieticians, all with a keen interest in running. Schedule an appointment online or call to experience a comprehensive approach to returning to running comfortably and swiftly. 



    viva physiotherapy

    Experience the transformative journey from pain to peak performance at Viva, a sanctuary where movement becomes the key to reshaping your body and mindset. In this personal improvement space, Viva employs a three-stage approach: Relieve, Restore, and Perform, designed to elevate your well-being. Whether you choose a face-to-face session in our sunny CBD studio or the convenience of online services in the comfort of your home, Viva is committed to guiding you through each phase. In the Relieve stage, the focus is on alleviating pain through thorough scans, precise diagnoses, and therapeutic interventions such as massage and manual physiotherapy. Moving forward to the Restore phase, Viva targets core strength, technique refinement, and the identification of underlying causes to prevent future injuries. The final step, Perform, introduces dynamic Pilates, strength, and yoga classes to enhance resilience and minimize the risk of recurring injuries. 



    melbourne cbd physio

    Tailored for individuals of all running levels, from enthusiasts to athletes in sports like football, soccer, basketball, and tennis, this assessment is not limited to elite runners. The expert running physio team employs the state-of-the-art Alter-G Treadmill for a thorough observation of your running technique. This supportive equipment ensures a smooth and comfortable run, while additional analysis may include footage of your running. The use of performance screening measures, such as Keiser and VALD equipment, provides a comprehensive view of your strengths and weaknesses, offering a full-body picture. Beyond the physical assessment, the running assessment at Melbourne CBD Physio unveils valuable insights into improving your technique, efficiency, speed, and identifies potential injury risks. Whether you are a novice jogger or aiming to enhance your speed on the field, the benefits of a running assessment extend to all. Plus, you can conveniently claim running assessments through private health insurance. 



    qv physiotherapy

    Their sessions range from 30 to 45 minutes, are dedicated to hands-on treatment, dry needling, guided exercises, stretching, and rehabilitation—all tailored to ensure that every minute you spend with them contributes to your progress. Their manual therapy encompasses mobilization, manipulation, massage, trigger points therapy, stretching, myofascial release, and muscle re-education, creating a comprehensive approach to your care. Experience the benefits of dry needling, a minimally painful physiotherapy treatment expertly administered by their QV Physiotherapists, utilizing sterile, single-use filament needles to relieve muscle tension, reduce pain, and stimulate circulation. Electrotherapy, featuring ultrasound, is employed to alleviate pain and swelling with frequencies so high that you won’t feel the machine at work. Their qualified physiotherapists conduct thorough assessments before prescribing tailored electrotherapy treatments for conditions such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, and more. Engage in rehabilitation with programs covering muscle strengthening, conditioning, stretching, core training, Pilates, balance retraining, plyometrics, fitball exercises, and post-surgical strengthening. They recognize your unique needs and provide personalized service and clinical expertise. 


    Absolutely, investing in a running gait analysis can be highly worthwhile. This analysis serves as a powerful tool to identify any detrimental habits in your running form that may be placing unnecessary strain on your body. Moreover, it proves beneficial in determining the appropriate footwear to address any issues related to poor foot posture, ultimately contributing to improved running efficiency and reduced risk of injuries.

    Performing a running gait analysis is most effectively done through video observation. This method allows for a comprehensive view of the subject’s movement throughout each phase of their gait. For optimal results, it is recommended to capture the individual running from various angles—preferably from the front, back, and one or both sides. This can be achieved by setting up a stationary camera and having the individual run past it, or by recording the running motion on a treadmill. The detailed insights gained from this video analysis help in assessing the nuances of the running form and identifying areas for improvement.

    To conduct a running gait analysis, the process typically involves placing the individual in neutral shoes and having them run on a treadmill for approximately 20-30 seconds. This enables a thorough examination of the landing pattern, pinpointing the location of the landing, and identifying any biomechanical misalignments in the ankles or knees. This hands-on approach provides valuable insights into the nuances of the individual’s running form, allowing for a tailored assessment and recommendations for improvement.

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